03 July, 2011

Meet the Cast: Nydedrilar

My antihero of sorts is a swordsman named Nydedrilar, commonly known as Nyd. As he explains to Haeddry, "I fought against Rylia five years ago and was responsible for a platoon of twenty men. I’m part of the reason Gilvorna’s prince is still alive today. Since that war, I’ve been serving as a bodyguard for traveling merchants and accompanying nobles on the road." He is from Anetheia, Arnsved's oldest and fiercest enemy. There hasn't been any conflict or really any communication between the two nations in centuries. Nyd doesn't hold anything against Haeddry for being from Arnsved although H.D. panicked a little upon learning where Nyd was from.

Nyd's past is pretty mysterious, even to me, and I created him! His prized possession is his sword. He knew some enchantment adepts at one point in his career. He taught them how to use swords and things like that and in return they pimped his sword out. The blade doesn't break, rust or go dull and there are runes that when activated with give it the power of fire. Pretty excited stuff. I wouldn't want to get in a swordfight with him!

Note: His name is simply pronounced "Nid."

Also, I couldn't help myself. I love Yu-Gi-Oh!

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