03 July, 2011

Meet the Cast: Haeddry Dakin

I am doing well as far as my wordcount goes so I can take some time out and introduce my characters. The protagonist's name is Haeddry Dakin and I've written some things about him already. He is in fact nineteen years old and has been slowly learning how to perform spells in the illusion school of magic. His teacher was an illusion adept named Makwyr who has been murdered mysteriously.

Haeddry is on the road in search of a new master. He envies destruction mages and wishes he could become an adept in that school. Unfortunately, he only has the capacity for illusion magic and therefore cannot learn destruction.

He is wiry, fit, and dresses plainly. Since he does so much traveling, his clothes are often dirty and his boots are more dirt than leather. He was born with brown hair but when his powers manifested themselves, his hair turned white. In order to hide his nature and to disguise the white hair that he so abhors, he has used a semi-permanent disguise spell on his hair to return it to the shade that he grew up with. His eyes are also brown.

Being a mage, he hates the rain as well as snow. He cannot bear to be on or near large bodies of water and he has a severe dislike of fish. He enjoys playing harmless tricks on people and spending time by a roaring fireplace.

Edit: As a note, the name is pronounced "Hay-dree Dah-kin." I know the first name is spelt a little fancy. I may abbreviate his name as H.D. in the future.

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