03 July, 2011

Illusion of Destruction

The story I am writing for Camp NaNoWriMo is titled Illusion of Destruction. It is about a mage apprentice named Haeddry Dakin. In my fantasy world that is yet unnamed, mages come into their powers in adolescence. Note: only males can wield magic but they cannot pass the trait on; females carry the trait––yay science. I think I made Haeddry (sometimes H.D.) about nineteen years old. He hasn't completed his training but that's not his fault. His teacher was murdered.

The thing is, finding mages willing to take on apprentices is difficult when you're in the school of illusion. These mages are extremely reclusive due to their rarity and the danger such powers poses. Being able to create disguises and things of that sort, illusion mages make good spies. No one wants someone to spy against them, so people like to weed them out.

Not only does Haeddry have to find a new teacher, he has to figure out why his first one was murdered. Could he also be a target? Most definitely.

The synopsis and a small excerpt from the story can be found here.

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