03 November, 2011

Unbound Ch. 1

Ranmus thought he heard someone in the hall but ignored it; they were probably just another servant on their way to clean or whatever else the earl was having them do. The Earl of Tournay kept a staff of about twenty servants, three of which were prisoners of war he had purchased from the Ayleran slavers, Ranmus among them. Unlike the other prisoners-turned-slaves, Ranmus had not been put to work until that morning. His wounds had kept him bedridden for weeks while doctors tended to him. Finally healed, he was glad to be on his feet, although he wished he could have been free.
The Earl of Tournay had given him no cause for distrust yet. He had, after all, seen that Ranmus’ injuries were mended. If left to the slavers and lesser masters, Ranmus might have died from his wounds. The shame of his scars made him stoop, his once powerful body diminished to a slave’s vessel. Whatever he was asked, he thought he would do it.
The other slave was younger than him, and not a soldier. He’d been taken with his father, who had seen to Ranmus on occasion. The ex-soldier made a note to seek the man out and thank him for his help. The familiar tones of the Menasian accent would be a comfort to him in this land he’d spent five years fighting to protect his home from. The doctor’s boy couldn’t be settling in well, Ranmus thought, so he would make himself available to him.
Ranmus looked up from the statue he was dusting off, his hair falling in front of his left eye. The earl’s son was standing in the doorway, watching him with a curious stare. Grating against the restraints of slavery, Ranmus bent himself slowly in a bow. “My lord,” he said, pausing in his cleaning.
“You’re the soldier,” the earl’s son said, pushing away from the doorframe and coming into the study. He leaned against the desk, and when Ranmus didn’t reply, he looked cross. “Well?”
Ranmus could think of no reason why the earl’s son would go out of his way to talk to him. He was, after all, a slave and a disgraced soldier from Menasse. “Yes, sir. I was a soldier.”
“Yes, that’s what I said. I haven’t seen you yet. I just figured who you were by looking at you.” The young noble adjusted his rolled up sleeves; he’d clearly come from fencing instruction. There was a flush in his cheeks and a tousled look to his light hair that told he’d not neglected his practice.
Ranmus looked down at the floor, folding his cleaning rag. He didn’t know what the boy wanted and was nervous lest the butler or the earl himself found him standing idly by. “Sir.”
“My name is Alwyn. You can call me by my name if you tell me yours.” The boy grinned when Ranmus didn’t answer. “Tell me your name.”
The first chance he got, Ranmus would plan his escape. It was decided. “Ranmus.”
Alwyn grimaced at the sound. “Menasian, clearly. Well, I must say, it was nice to make your acquaintance. I’ll let you get to it, then.”
Ranmus breathed a silent sigh when the boy left. He would do his best to avoid Alwyn until such a time as he could escape and return home to Menasse.

30 August, 2011

Checking In

As it's almost the end of August, I am checking on to the blog to evaluate my progress on Corrupting the Light. I'm around 30K, which is not a win for Camp NaNo, but that's alright. For the first time, I haven't looked back on my work in progress with the feeling that I needed to remove or vastly change large parts of what I had written. I also have a well-plotted story. I know what is going to happen further on in the story, and I am just working my way towards these events around school and life in general.
I'm not disappointed that I won't hit 50K on Wednesday. I already have the certificate of completion for July, and if I had the same one for August then it would look silly on my wall.
I'm working on a romantic subplot for one of my characters that I'm pretty excited about. It has its complications, which poor Caellas doesn't know about. I'm also working on the main plot with Imeda and Anradel. Things are going to get very bad before they get good. I'm excited to be able to take this project seriously and really put some thought into it, more thought than I've given any of my other projects. August has been very productive. 30K is still quite a word count and I'm proud.

14 August, 2011

Caught Up

I've been off track since Day 2, but last night I caught up! Feels good to be back on par. A few days ago I realized that there was no way I was going to hit my ending at 50K. I'm not even at the turning point in the plot yet! So I did some thinking and found a way to come to a workable ending that is perfect for a sequel. I'll have my main characters reunited and the story will end with them returning to the kingdom Anradel was banished from. However, a lot will have happened to them by then. I'm excited to see what I come up with to fill the space from here until the end.

10 August, 2011

The Story So Far

Well, we're in week two! I'm behind, and I attribute that to the fact that I did quite a bit of planning work for this story. I'm concerned with keeping things on track and not falling into my usual habits of word-padding and getting hopelessly off track with the story. I'm about 4-5K behind on my word count but I'm not overly concerned. I can certainly catch up.

I'm quite pleased with the way things have been going so far. I've met a new character and found out a few things about characters I've already established. I don't start school for another week or so. Hopefully I catch my stride and get ahead before classes slow me down again.

01 August, 2011

The New Start

Today begins the second session of Camp NaNoWrimo! I didn't get to bed until after 3:00am this morning so naturally I had a slow start. But I've met the day's word count and finished a chapter. I don't often split my stories up while I'm writing them; that's usually something I do during revisions to help make it seem more manageable. But I wrote Chapter One and am working on Two at the moment. Word count's at 2,287 right now. Having my plot mostly worked out helps me with things like foreshadowing and the like. I'm very pleased with the way things are going.

29 July, 2011

The Fruits of My Efforts

So I have a title! I think it's fitting, seeing as Imeda, the dark elf seductress, is corrupting Anradel, the exiled light elf prince. See? Progress! The image I think most closely fits the character of Tahlir ("prince") Anradel is this piece from Deviant Art. I mean, aside from how large those ears are, I think this is going to be exactly what Imeda tries to turn him into. I've spent a lot of time today rifling through pictures of elves on there, and I happened across this piece that I immediately knew had to be another character. He's going to be Caellas, Anradel's best friend in the world. Already there's a complication: Anradel gets banished and has to leave his friend. How will they reunite? Does Caellas turn on Anradel, or does he forgive him and miss him?

My story takes places in Amual, the land where the different races of elves live with humans and the occasional Feywild. I've sketched out three distinct elf races: light, heartland, and dark. The light elves are the ruling class, the heartland elves are their subjects along with the humans, and the dark elves are a completely isolated group who despite their unhappiness are still subjects of the light elves. Their language has probably undergone a lot of changes from the proto-elven language spoken when the three races were one.

I'm working on outlining as much of a plot as I can. Tomorrow I'm going to a Plot and Pacing Workshop put on by my NaNo Region group. I hope to learn a lot about plotting and put it to use on this story! Perfect timing.

Elves at Eight AM

I've always loved elves. I don't know why exactly, but they're definitely my favourite. For my last Camp story, I played with the idea of magic and mages. It was spectacular! This time around, I really want to explore the idea of elves. I've got a bunch of names from online generators that have an elven feel to them, so I can have a bunch of characters who are all elves. Last November I tried writing a story about some people who didn't know they were elves, and it could have gone better if I had done more planning and really figured out what that would mean for them.

I'm on Deviant Art at the moment looking at pictures of elves that people have drawn. I follow a few amazing artists who have a thing for elves too, so that makes my search pretty easy. I love so many of the images. I've got a couple saved to my computer for reference, because since I can't draw, I like to have images to base my characters off of. It helps, being able to see them. Now on to world-building. And possibly breakfast.