29 July, 2011

Elves at Eight AM

I've always loved elves. I don't know why exactly, but they're definitely my favourite. For my last Camp story, I played with the idea of magic and mages. It was spectacular! This time around, I really want to explore the idea of elves. I've got a bunch of names from online generators that have an elven feel to them, so I can have a bunch of characters who are all elves. Last November I tried writing a story about some people who didn't know they were elves, and it could have gone better if I had done more planning and really figured out what that would mean for them.

I'm on Deviant Art at the moment looking at pictures of elves that people have drawn. I follow a few amazing artists who have a thing for elves too, so that makes my search pretty easy. I love so many of the images. I've got a couple saved to my computer for reference, because since I can't draw, I like to have images to base my characters off of. It helps, being able to see them. Now on to world-building. And possibly breakfast.

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