28 July, 2011

Session 2 Planning

After homework and dinner, I sat down with notebook and pen and played Nightwish songs to stir up ideas for my next novel. The second session of Camp NaNoWriMo starts Monday, so I really wanted to think of something to write about. Winging it sounded like the way to go since I couldn't think of anything new to write about but as soon as "Amaranth" started playing, the brainstorm began. I listened through several more songs, the shuffle taking me through different albums. The variety of lyrics in the songs gave me exactly what I needed to start planning my new story.

I have the basic beginnings of the plot: elf prince exiled for the slaying of his sister. Evil seductress luring him in to manipulate him and make him her weapon. Ideas of gods and prophecies. The prince won't be under her control forever; he will realize that his ways have become tainted by evil and try to make things right. This makes him a target, and he becomes one of the hunted.

All sounds great, but I don't even know his name! I've got Behind the Name open and ready for action. Next on the list is naming my villainess and giving her a motive. Whatever she's doing, she needs the prince to be her tool so that she won't face retribution from the gods. Yeah. It's that bad.

After those things are decided upon, I need to figure out where this plot is heading. How is the woman defeated? Does the prince's society ever forgive him for his unthinkable crime? What's my title going to be? I've still got a lot of thinking to do over the next few days before Camp starts and the words come pouring out.

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