29 July, 2011

The Fruits of My Efforts

So I have a title! I think it's fitting, seeing as Imeda, the dark elf seductress, is corrupting Anradel, the exiled light elf prince. See? Progress! The image I think most closely fits the character of Tahlir ("prince") Anradel is this piece from Deviant Art. I mean, aside from how large those ears are, I think this is going to be exactly what Imeda tries to turn him into. I've spent a lot of time today rifling through pictures of elves on there, and I happened across this piece that I immediately knew had to be another character. He's going to be Caellas, Anradel's best friend in the world. Already there's a complication: Anradel gets banished and has to leave his friend. How will they reunite? Does Caellas turn on Anradel, or does he forgive him and miss him?

My story takes places in Amual, the land where the different races of elves live with humans and the occasional Feywild. I've sketched out three distinct elf races: light, heartland, and dark. The light elves are the ruling class, the heartland elves are their subjects along with the humans, and the dark elves are a completely isolated group who despite their unhappiness are still subjects of the light elves. Their language has probably undergone a lot of changes from the proto-elven language spoken when the three races were one.

I'm working on outlining as much of a plot as I can. Tomorrow I'm going to a Plot and Pacing Workshop put on by my NaNo Region group. I hope to learn a lot about plotting and put it to use on this story! Perfect timing.

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