30 August, 2011

Checking In

As it's almost the end of August, I am checking on to the blog to evaluate my progress on Corrupting the Light. I'm around 30K, which is not a win for Camp NaNo, but that's alright. For the first time, I haven't looked back on my work in progress with the feeling that I needed to remove or vastly change large parts of what I had written. I also have a well-plotted story. I know what is going to happen further on in the story, and I am just working my way towards these events around school and life in general.
I'm not disappointed that I won't hit 50K on Wednesday. I already have the certificate of completion for July, and if I had the same one for August then it would look silly on my wall.
I'm working on a romantic subplot for one of my characters that I'm pretty excited about. It has its complications, which poor Caellas doesn't know about. I'm also working on the main plot with Imeda and Anradel. Things are going to get very bad before they get good. I'm excited to be able to take this project seriously and really put some thought into it, more thought than I've given any of my other projects. August has been very productive. 30K is still quite a word count and I'm proud.

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