03 July, 2011

Meet the Cast: Cheese

And now for a very special character who is close to my heart: the rat named Cheese.

When Haeddry reaches a town called Eston, he runs into a boy named Yelfie. The boy, misisng teeth and grimy from acting like a hooligan all day, invited H.D. to the inn that his brother and uncle work at. His uncle in fact runs the inn, aptly named The Burly Fish.

Yelfie is also the proud owner of Cheese. He found the narcoleptic rat by the Troyus River and they are constant companions. Cheese enjoys sleeping and eating cheese. As Yelfie will assure you, Cheese is not a cannibal. He is in fact a rat.

Haeddry gets into a bind when he tries to entertain Yelfie in return for his help getting him lodgings for the night. Being an illusion mage in training, Haeddry knows the spell that will change the color of Cheese's fur. It's very similar to the spell that Haeddry uses to disguise his hair color. When he thinks no one is looking, H.D. changes Cheese's fur different colors much to the delight of Yelfie. Nyd, however, witnessed the rat's changing colors and confronts Haeddry about it afterwards, forcing the young mage to admit that he is in fact a mage.


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