04 July, 2011

Today's Discovery

As I was writing today, I learned that Haeddry has never ridden a horse. He doesn't remotely know how to ride. If it weren't such an annoying skill to lack, Nyd would be glad for the reason to less of HD. However, Nyd is going to have to lead Haeddry's horse around by the reins until HD learns how to properly ride.

“How do I turn him around?” Haeddry called over his shoulder.
“Just keep pulling on the reins to the right and he’ll eventually turn around.” Nyd rolled his eyes when Haeddry, after finally getting the stallion to turn, kept turning so that they went in a wide circle.

Update on my main characters: They are getting along terribly. They keep saying and doing things to each other for the sole purpose of getting on the other's nerves. Hopefully by August they'll be good friends. I think that will be my new goal. Make Haeddry and Nyd friends.

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