04 July, 2011


Elder Scrolls: Oblivion is factoring into my story so much already! I couldn't be happier. If only the story had started with Haeddry waking up in a prison and being sent on a mission by the soon-to-be-assassinated emperor of Cyrodiil. Oh well. (Now I really want to write my first ever fanfic based on Oblivion. Odd.)

How is my story linked to Oblivion then? Well, I've got rats...and lettuce! I also have a painted horse that does not move, just like at the Waterfront gate in the Imperial City. Also skeletons. Not to mention my magic system is based in part on the Oblivion magic schools (I used the names illusion, mysticism, destruction).

This game is my favourite always and forever. I am so looking forward to the sequel, Skyrim! My friends and I are going to have a marathon-style launch party when it comes out November 11th.

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