04 July, 2011

Writing Dares

Drawing from the large pool of writing dares that are found on the NaNoWriMo forums, I find myself willing and capable to fulfill a few of them. When I first did NaNo in 2010, I took myself more seriously than I thought. Also, my characters and plot didn't leave much room for dares.

This time, however, I have already worked in two dares. The big one that got it's own thread on the forums is called The Traveling Blue Tent of WHOA. I thought it was easy to work it into another dare that I was already doing, which was to have a dream sequence involving camping. Bonus points are awarded for several different factors, and I think I may earn points for tying the dream into plot points. However, I have not fully developed the plot so I can only guess that the dream/nightmare will give any hint at those points.

In any case, I worked in the camping dream sequence which turned rather scary really fast. Then I learned about The Traveling Blue Tent of WHOA dare and just added the adjective blue before the word tent in the dream sequence.

If you're also doing Camp NaNo and need a little boost in your wordcount, check out the forums. Dares are fun. I picked out a few that I could easily work into my story just because I'm well beyond my quota for the next few days but there are a lot that are way out there and may just give you the creative boost you need.

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